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Now available to book in the Co. Clare region.

Guided fishing trips combined with accommodation & top quality rustic dining experience.

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Now available to book in the Co Clare region! Custom fishing tours combined with a top-quality rustic dining experience!


Angler’s Paradise

Angler’s Paradise Ireland is owned and managed by Damien Culliney, a well-known angler & chef in the Clare region, a man passionate about the inland waterways & natural history of County Clare.

At Angler’s Paradise, we love the thrill of game fishing & pike fishing in equal measure. We aim to take our clients to some of Europe’s most unspoiled rivers & lakes in search of trophy predators,aiming to meet the realisation of your angling dreams.

With over 25 years local fishing experience, Damien is a highly knowledgeable boatman & angling guide, with a detailed knowledge of the inland waterways of County Clare & the Shannon system. He also happens to be a talented chef & food lover, combining his two equal passions to create a unique tourist product specialising in authentic fishing adventures & top quality dining in spectacular natural settings.

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The Boats

At Angler’s Paradise Ireland, we only offer the best. That’s why we’ve selected the Maracraft 535 ‘Commander’ & a Traditional Irish Lough (Lake) Boat, to take guests on the fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Fast, spacious & extremely comfortable, the Maracraft offers everything the angler needs.

Powered by a 115HP Suzuki engine, we can achieve speeds of up to 80 kmph to ensure that you get safely across the larger sheets of water on the big Shannon lakes. This allows us to explore the bigger lakes fully, switching locations at far greater speeds then most other boats. We make sure our guests are always in the right location when the big fish are on the feed.

The boat is well equipped with two Lowrance HDI fishfinders, satellite navigation & a remote control Minn Kota electric engine. For comfort, we have top grade pedestal seats and marine carpet throughout. All in all, it’s the ultimate fishing machine and waiting for you to enjoy!

For those of you looking for steadier pace, the older style Traditional Lough (Lake) Boat doesn’t disappoint. Their original design goes back centuries & sports some beautiful wooden finishes in the interior.

These drift boats are extremely safe & cut water very efficiently, while offering plenty of space for comfort.

Trout Fishing

The area nearby is justly famous for wild trout fishing. From tiny streams to the mighty expanse of Lough Derg, the trout angler will find a fantastic diversity of water to cast the wet or dry fly.

At Angler’s Paradise we specialise in lough style fishing from a traditional Irish design lake boat. Damien is an accomplished fly fisherman and can introduce guests to unforgettable wild trout fishing in the areas he has fished for over 20 years.

River Fergus System, lakes & rivers: Wild brown trout average 1-2 lbs, with fish up to 6lbs possible.

Lough Derg: Wild brown trout average 1-3 lbs, though 4-5lbs is not uncommon & double figure fish are always a possibility.

Many other wild streams are within a 30-minute drive & are teaming with wild brown trout, waiting to be discovered.

Sea trout fishing is also possible in many small rivers in the west of the county.

Pike Fishing

At Angler’s Paradise, Pike fishing is one of our specialities! Co. Clare is one of the best locations in all of Europe to target 100cm+ pike.

The giant pike of Lough Derg are legendary with specimens of monstrous proportions reported over the past 200 years. Even if you can’t quite believe the stories of 90lb pike from last century, there are plenty of modern day monsters to be caught. Your target is a 100cm fish, but 110cm is a realistic chance and 115-120cm always a possibility. The lakes and rivers of the Fergus system and East Clare lakes offer plenty of smaller, more secluded waters where great sport can be experienced for smaller and medium sized fish in great numbers. Every season, some of these smaller lakes produce massive fish. You never know it could be you!


The Maracraft Commander is the perfect boat for pike fishing in style. Fast, spacious & comfortable, this boat is ideal for casting, trolling or fly fishing. With a 115hp engine, we can cover large areas of water & switch locations quickly to find where the fish are biting. Damien is part of the world famous Musky Innovations pro staff team and a passionate life-long pike angler. We use top of the range rods & reels and an eye-watering collection of the world’s finest pike lures & flies. We’ll advise you on the right lures & flies to try and put you in the right place at the right time.

Coarse Fishing

County Clare has developed a reputation for producing specimen coarse fish.  The river Fergus system, which is on our doorstep, has many lakes & quiet stretches of river with monster tench & the beautiful golden rudd.

The clear limestone lakes of Co. Clare are the perfect habitat for tench to grow to massive size in clear & unpolluted waters.  This is truly wild fishing in virgin water & the perfect location for the specimen hunter to realise his dreams of catching a new Irish record. It’s no wonder the current Irish record tench was caught in a local lake, just down the road from Angler’s Paradise. Tench in the 4-6lbs category are standard, but much, much larger specimens are available in some special waters. Rudd up to 2lbs are common, with 3lb+ fish available in certain spots. Some lakes nearby are known to hold rudd & tench well in excess of the current Irish records for both species.

In the east of the county the East Clare Lakes offer something for every coarse angler. From pole fishing to feeder fishing, there are lakes & rivers to suit every style with great bags of fish caught every year. Roach, bream & tench are the main quarry in these lakes. With Damien at the helm, you will be given the best advice on where & how to fish, in order to make the most of your trip. While it’s possible to bag up & take 50, 60 or even 100lb nets of fish, there are quality fish too. Bream & tench to specimen size are located in certain small lakes.

County Clare has so much to offer the coarse angler. All that’s needed is a good supply of bait & the local knowledge that we offer here at Angler’s Paradise.

The Region

Clare has a world-renowned reputation for angling and a history of great fishing that stretches back over 200 years.

The Burren region & the East Clare lakes, particularly Lough Derg, along with the lakes & rivers of the River Fergus system, are much sought after as angling destinations. And justifiably so; many anglers have tussled with the monster, rod-busting pike, Atlantic salmon, brown trout & perch, that all thrive in these rivers & lakes. It’s here that angling legends are born and dreams can come true.

The area was immortalised in FD Barkers publication “An Angler’s Paradise” set in and around the village of Corofin at the turn of the last century. This famous fishing book is the inspiration for the name of our guiding business – “Angler’s Paradise Boat Tours”.

Top Local

Angling Locations

Happy Clients

Damien took us out fishing while we were on our honeymoon & we had a great day! Damien was an excellent guide and packed a good lunch with tea & coffee.

We caught large pike and it was exactly as we had hoped. He was also patient & gave good advice to help novice anglers like ourselves. Not only was the fishing excellent, but the knowledge he shared of the surrounding areas and recommendations of things to do & places to see were also great!

This was the highlight of our trip and highly recommend anyone looking for a fishing experience to contact Damien.

Samantha Bartlett

Happy Angler

Tobi & I went fishing with Damien at a very beautiful lake/lough in Co. Clare. We spent the whole day with him on his motorboat, fishing for pike and trout. After an hour we had already caught our first pike. In total we caught 9 pike (up to 95cm) and a nice trout. We really enjoyed and appreciated the great hospitality and his friendly nature. We really enjoyed the homemade food and the drinks he prepared for us.

Thanks, Damian, for sharing your expert knowledge on Clare history, fishing techniques and the best equipment. We are looking forward to our next visit to Ireland and hopefully some nice fishing trips with you!

Ingo & Tobi

Happy Anglers

Chris Paris of Adelaide Fishing Club is pictured with his 20lb Pike caught on Lough Derg, November 2021

Damian’s boat was ideal for the job, stable and comfortable with state-of-the-art electronics. We started trolling 40cm+ lures on four rods, working the underwater contours between five and ten metres. The lures were set to run between four and six metres down, two under paravanes to get the baits well out to the side of the boat.

Excerpt from a feature for The South Australian Fly Fisher’s Association (SAFFA). Read the full article here.

Chris Paris

Adelaide Fishing Club

Sportfishing Adventures Magazine issue 18 – Q3 2022 Article | Damien Culliney, Mario Sanz & Rudy van Duijnhoven pictured enjoying their lunch while out on a day's fishing

Damian is very experienced with lure fishing, regularly featuring in the top ten at major predatory fishing competitions in Ireland, but he enjoys fly fishing for trout and pike just as much. He also managed to serve us an excellent lunch along the waterfront.

Excerpt from a feature for Sportfishing Adventures Magazine, Issue 18. Read the full article here. Rudy also works as a photographer and author for Flyfishing Blog.

Rudy van Duijnhoven

Photographer & Author

Great day out. Well worth the trip. Lovely food at the end of the day.

Colin Curtis

Happy Angler

He took my husband fishing and he hasn’t shut up about it!! Thanks Damien!! He had an amazing time!!

Sherri Coulson Hagan

Happy Angler's Wife

Angler’s Paradise Packages

Prices can differ based on your fishing style & location specifications. It’s therefore best to contact me with an idea of which package would suit best, & we can then decide on a fishing itinerary to suit your specific needs, before getting back to you with a costing.

Please see my main packages below, but if you need something more specific, we can discuss this too.

7 Day Package

  • Fully Catered with Breakfast, packed lunch & evening meal.
  • Self-catering cooking facilities also available.
  • Basic Accommodation in mobile home, adjacent to main house.
  • Fishing each day, based on your requirements feedback, with Damien at the helm.

Available Places: 3

3 Day Package

  • Fully Catered with Breakfast, packed lunch & evening meal.
  • Self-catering cooking facilities also available.
  • Basic Accommodation in mobile home, adjacent to main house.
  • Fishing each day, based on your requirements feedback, with Damien at the helm.

Available Places: 3

Self Catering Package

  • Breakfast & evening meal included.
  • Self-catering cooking facilities available.
  • Basic Accommodation in mobile home, adjacent to main house.
  • Use of Irish Traditional Lough (Lake) Boat.

Available Places: 3

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